I am a senior media executive with over 30 years of experience.  I successfully directed the Flemish public television in my home country Belgium and currently work as Director Media at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland.

Trained as a Paris INSEAD Certified Coach I combine my executive career with coaching, as I continue to enjoy the daily management and challenge of business. These are disruptive times for the media and I love to be part of its change and manage it.

I am widely considered to be a good people manager, who brings the best out of individuals and teams and who lets talent grow. My job has experienced me in interculturality, crisis communication, politics and diplomacy. Being openly gay, without being an activist, I have been invited to take up role modeling and mentorship around diversity.

I believe in the power of optimism and positivity. Inspired by master coach Gregg Thompson, I am influenced by the principle of appreciative inquiry (seeking the very best in others) and positive psychology (creating meaning, fulfillment, and happiness). I am devoted to supporting individuals, teams and their organizations in clarifying and achieving what is important to them.

 My coaching is driven by character, connection and conversation :

Character : earning the right to coach. Authenticity, self esteem, noble intention and emotional intelligence play a key role in my practice.

Connection : I want to create partnerships for inquiry, learning and change

Conversation : I engage in dialogue that generates possibilities and pathways. 

My study at Paris INSEAD Certified Coach, under the supervision of affiliate professor Derek Deasy, trained me in the psychodynamic approach of coaching.

fields of expertise

  •  executive

  • complex

  • creative industries

  • media

  • diversity (gender, LGTB, glass roof, social classes)

  • international

  • intercultural

  • people and talent management

  • genuine leadership.

  • C-level executives

  • Media executives

  • Executives from any creative industry

  • Talent from the media and creative industries

  • International or intercultural organizations

  • LGTB or diversity oriented businesses, teams, individuals or executives

  • companies in search of genuine leadership