In 2015 I started as Director Media at the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Before I have been working for 25 years for VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster in Belgium. I started off as journalist for various television and radio programs. Later as television program manager I became responsible for a wide range of programs in multiple genres (fiction, entertainment, current affairs, reality, …).

From 2007 till 2014 I was the general manager of the biggest television channel in Flanders. Under my leadership the channel Eén grew to an enormous success with more than 33 % market share and a clear vision about public broadcasting. Later I was in charge of all VRT’s television channels (Eén, Canvas and Ketnet).

I love writing and sharing my ideas. Check my blog.

In 2010 I published my first book  “Alles is een verhaal” (“Everything is a story”). Storytelling is one of my major interests and I consider myself to be a story evangelist.

I love inspiring others and lecture & speech internationally both within and outside the media world.

Reading books and being inspired by almost everything that crosses my path is my passion.

My drive in life : “Create order in the chaos and chaos in the order”.